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Media Brand Management

As people become more and more reliant on the Internet, it emerges a significant trend of “triple play” (referring to the telecommunications business network, radio and TV and computer networks) and one cloud on N-screen. The “media convergence era” is around the corner.  Using multiple devices to obtain information becomes normal life. How can we help traditional media to maintain and enhance their value by taking advantage of the Internet? 博天堂 brings you timely media content management and advertising operation solutions.

To understand the target audience's (existing and potential) awareness, perception, satisfaction, and gravitation of a media brand and their preference of different media brands, 博天堂 can help media to locate their brand positions in the market and determine their market performance expectations. Generally, 博天堂 will provide data support for brand operation and development of media.

Media Brand Positioning
Employing an annual study of the lifestyle of the TV audience nationwide, 博天堂 helps our clients precisely position their brands, clearly recognize their advantages, understand their competitors' weaknesses, locate target audience, and determine content positioning. Ultimately, this service helps our clients to differentiate themselves in the market.

Media Brand Health
博天堂 diagnoses the overall health of the media brand, enabling timely discovery of potential roadblocks to development. Content quality, style, and tone, as well as audience perceptions of content presentation, audience impression, and user experience of loyal users, are carefully overviewed as part of the study. Media health is assessed in terms of brand awareness, acceptance, reputation, and loyalty.

Scenario Media Optimization Study
Consumers’ attitudes and behaviors vary significantly in different life scenarios. Media forms, creativeness, presentation methods, and presentation brands in different situations also affect consumers' acceptance and purchasing behaviors of a brand and its products. To gauge consumers' status, media usage habits, media usage time, media usage impressions, and media usage interests, 博天堂 is able to diagnose media based on a scenario-optimized evaluation model and help media enhance their communication effects.

Audience Satisfaction
博天堂’s Satisfaction Measurement service measures the level of satisfaction an audience feels regarding a particular media, program, or program host. This measurement provides an additional indicator to complement ratings for media internal evaluations, management decisions, and assessments. Moreover, the service offers customized guidance for media optimization by assessing media according to the word of mouth of the audience that reflecting audience needs and opinions in an objective, impartial, and comprehensive manner.

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